Ever feel like screaming? Either at someone or the world at large? I am so angry right now. It’s not a good feeling. I don’t like being angry. I prefer to be happy and content. But sometimes people or circumstances get my blood boiling and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. And I probably shouldn’t try to stop it anyway. Suppressing feelings can lead to even worse things, like ulcers, heart problems, spending lots of money on therapy . . .

If you want to examine your anger, or its source, the library offers the following to help soothe your savage beast:

Overcoming Anger book coverWhen You’re Mad at Your Partner:

Overcoming Anger in Your Relationship: How to Break the Cycle of Arguments, Put-Downs, and Stony Silences by W. Robert Nay

The Self-Aware Parent book coverWhen You’re Mad at Your Kid:

The Self-Aware Parent: Resolving Conflict and Building a Better Bond with Your Child by Fran Walfish

When Parents Hurt book coverWhen You’re Mad at Your Parents:

When Parents Hurt: Compassionate Strategies When You and Your Grown Child Don’t Get Along by Joshua Coleman

Honor Your Anger book coverWhen You’re Mad at Yourself:

Honor Your Anger: How Transforming Your Anger Style Can Change Your Life by Beverly Engel

The Anger Trap book coverWhen You’re Mad at the World:

The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life by Les Carter

Surviving in an Angry World book coverWhen Everyone Around You Is Mad:

Surviving in an Angry World: Finding Your Way to Personal Peace by Charles F. Stanley

—Melissa M.


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3 responses to “ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  1. Kudos for this post! I get super-angry sometimes too. Heck, we all do. I think NOT talking about it, and suppressing it, are a lot worse than letting it out in a healthy fashion.


    the notorious LAV

  2. lizzy

    Ok–where’s the one about “When You’re Mad at the Patron?”

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