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Toward a Life of Less

“Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends… Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.”  Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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I moved to Pittsburgh almost a year ago (gosh, has it already been that long?!), but it was my first ever out of state move. And even though I moved to a much smaller space–from an 1100 square foot single-family house to a 768 square foot rowhouse–as I exhaustedly unpacked box after box, I realized that I still had way too much stuff. While I have been gravitating toward a life of less over the years–I’m constantly donating unwanted stuff to charity— it wasn’t until this move that I knew I finally had to kick it into high gear.

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I am striving toward a life of less in all of my possessions, only keeping what I feel is essential and of quality or beauty and removing any excess, from furniture to shoes to dishes to holiday decorations.
Minimalism seems to be the newest term, but it’s also known as Voluntary Simplicity (or just Simplicity), Simple Living and Urban Homesteading. Spiritually, it is seen in Zen Buddhism and Monasticism in the relinquishing of worldly goods and possessions.
Several books (and blogs–specifically Miss Minimalist and Rowdy Kittens) have guided me along this life path; perhaps you’ve been thinking about this yourself?
~Maria, living with LOTS less and LOVING it!


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