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Manly Adventure Awaits You!

In my last Nelsonriddled post, I mentioned Nelson DeMille as a fine example of the made-up genre of Manly Adventure.1 I’ve never been big on Manly Adventure2 myself (though I admit to reading a great deal of Tom Clancy in my bored and car-less youth), but like any good librarian I can go on and on about stuff that I’ve never read or watched – we call it reader’s advisory. There’s a fancy librarian term for you.

So what makes a Manly Adventure? How about super spies, dramatic explosions, wily terrorists, corrupt governments, high-speed chases, drug lords, conspiracy theories, double agents, chemical and biological weapons, and noble public servants fighting for their country?


Note for Manly Authors: Make sure your name will make a good logo (see Griffin and Martini).


Note for Manly Authors: You don’t have to stop writing after you die (see Ludlum and O’Brian).


Note for Manly Authors: Once you’re famous enough, you can get other people to do the work for you (see Clancy and Cussler).


Note for Manly Authors: Not sure what to put on your book jacket? Try an American flag or some fancy landmark (see Berry and Tanenbaum).

So if you’re too out of shape to join the army, too nearsighted to be a fighter pilot, or your past is too colorful to allow you to run for public office, try a little Manly Adventure instead.

– Amy

1 Apparently Men’s Fiction is the accepted term for these books. Sigh.

2 You don’t have to be manly, a man, or even a bored pre-teen with no driver’s license to enjoy Manly Adventure. Anyone can read Manly Adventure. You want it? We got it. You want something else? We’ll find you something else. That’s what libraries are for.


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