Turning in My Busy Merit Badge

I know that I’ve proudly claimed: “I’m one of those idiots who thrives on being busy!” We wear Being Busy and Stretched Thin like Girl Scout badges, almost defying friends and strangers to out-do our schedules (Work! School! Quality time with friends and family!). A recent piece from the Huffington Post — How Being Busy Makes You Unproductive — discusses how busyness and multi-tasking not only slows us down, but also how we use it to disguise fear of failure because doing something means we’re being productive. Not a great way to get through the day.

I wish there were an easy solution, but changing habits (or adding more hours to the day) is a tough task. Small things, though? Those help. Take a walk (attention fatigue is legit and a bit of nature is a great cure). Help us make flowers for the Pop des Fleurs project (Suzy will have more info soon!) or join any of our other awesome craft programs for a mental break. And of course, we have some great resources for figuring out how to slow it down and be a bit more mindful:

And now, a moment of zen …

Click through for source and more zen…

– Jess

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