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September 2015 Recap

If you, like most of us, got caught up in the rush of back to school and the end of summer (and Summer Reading), you may have missed these awesome posts by Team Eleventh Stack.

Kids aren’t the only ones going back to school. Jess gave us resources for grad school (and a nice run down of Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance), and Melissa shared her favorite books from her year of nonfiction.

“9-11,” by Abbas Derissi, via the Voices Education Project. Click through for source page.

Bonnie T. contemplated her summer reading goals while Kelly obsessed about time and how we spend it. Sheila reflected on September 11, and Scott P. explored a little-known mountaineering disaster in Soviet Russia in the late 1950s and then delivered a potpourri of mini book reviews.

Kayla recommended Luckiest Girl Alive and then declared September the month of Mindy. Melissa F. exulted over Margaret Atwood; Ross ran down the good, bad and ugly of Johnny Depp’s oeuvre; and Tara dug into the real history behind the comedy television series Another Period.

Joelle investigated her family roots, and Suzy asked us all to be a little kinder. Ginny challenged us to get educated for the upcoming election, and Scott M. gave us some resources for raising multi-cultural kids.


Image courtesy ALA. Click through for source.

To cap off the month, we celebrated Banned Books Week. Leigh Anne jumped the gun by a few weeks when she rose to defend the challenged book Some Girls Are. Abbey explained the difference between banned and challenged books to kick off BBW, and Kelly covered the recent challenge of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks in Tennessee. Ross covered the delightful FREADom event, and Jess gave us a run-down of the top ten challenged books of the past year. Guest blogger Carl wound things up with an investigation into the philosophy of reading and the right to free thought.

Onward into fall!

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