Time for Tea

A little fact you might have not known: January is, in fact, National Hot Tea Month. I must say, I’ve traipsed around, completely oblivious to this national observance, but I’m making up for it now by posting about these dear leaves and drinking an afternoon cup.

Tea has a long history, with a recorded consumption dating back to 1000 BC in China. Besides its place in history, tea is known for its medicinal uses and its seer-like leaves left in the bottom of a cup, waiting to be read.

In honor of National Hot Tea Month, steep yourself a cup, curl up with a library book, and sip away!

– Lisa


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2 responses to “Time for Tea

  1. avid

    Thanks for the post, Lisa.

    Norwood Pratt & Helen Gustafson are authors of my reading choices when I slurp down tea. Each wrote with passion and cheer about tea, sharing information and inspiration, and reminding me why tea trumps coffee, like ice hockey trumps football.

  2. Beth

    Lisa–FYI that there is always tea in my office–and a hot water kettle at the ready! Tea has been my beverage of choice over coffee for a long time. It strikes a note of civility and forces one to slow down a bit. Come have a cup anytime!

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