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I Feel a Nap Coming On…

I just returned to the library after several days off over the holiday season and I admit my sleep habits changed during that time.  When left to my own devices I am quite a night owl.  I often stay up until 2 a.m., then require an afternoon nap to get through the day.  This schedule closely mimics one followed by people who live in Spain and Italy, as well as other nations in the Mediterranean and areas around the equator.  They rest, or have a siesta, during the hottest part of the day.  Although as you know, I could not blame my need to nap on any sort of heat wave.  Instead, I attribute this to my Italian heritage.  I tell everyone who questions my sleep preferences that I am genetically programmed to nap.

Napping is actually considered a healthy activity for adults as well as children.  Most people don’t get their required number of hours of sleep every night, so a nap can be a good way to recharge your batteries, and to complete your afternoon work.  It’s recommended by doctors and even NASA  for their astronauts.  Naturally, there are good and bad ways to nap.  The Boston Globe has published an informative guide on how to nap, which even includes diagrams (in case you needed them).

The Library has many books on the subject of sleep  and good sleep habits. Have a look and maybe you’ll read yourself to better sleep in no time.  And if you’re looking for me between 2 – 4 p.m. (on non-work days of course), don’t be surprised to find me napping.



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