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american-flag-2aI have to admit, when I sat down to write this blog I found myself at a bit of an impasse when it came to what the topic would be on.  Due to today’s inaugural  events, I thought it would be foolish to overlook them in the post.  Alas, there are few books that specifically deal with the inauguration as a whole.  We certainly have some famous speeches, such as J.F. Kennedy’s inauguration address on CD or in book format, but I was unable to find a specific book on the topic.

So I took a walk around the library to scrounge up something, and found myself lurking in the Mezzanine here at Main.  It is, in my opinion, the best  section here because it has all the books on my favorite topics, from  history to religion, along with philosophy, business and folklore- I can find it all in a small space.  Some of the historical tomes make you feel in awe when you think about them long enough.  One can only imagine what it was like to live during the times of Ancient Rome when Hannibal of Carthage marched on Rome with his elephants through the Alps, or when England separated from the Catholic Church during the reign of King Henry VIII.  These events drastically changed the course of history! 

Something struck me then, as I was pondering all of this.  Today, we are living history in the making.  We are seeing a great change occur in the history of our own country.  Not only are we gaining the first African American president, 50 odd years after the Civil Rights Movement, but we are also seeing the first change of the presidency since 2001.  After eight years we are experiencing something new and different in the history of our Nation. 

So what is there left to be said?  The event tends to speak for itself, and only time will tell what impact all of this will have on our country.  I implore anyone who has the time to go to Woods Run library for the Inauguration Party and experience this moment of our history together.  It’s a grand occasion, so whether alone or with a large group of people I hope you all watch it and keep in mind that you are living history.


-An afterthought, I came across something on CNN that I thought everyone would enjoy.  It is an inauguration speech library, beginning with our very first president!  Enjoy!


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7 responses to “Living History

  1. It is, truly, an exciting time to be alive!

    We’re showing the festivities downstairs on the dynamic signage screen today, aren’t we? Anybody else’s department/branch have things going on?


  2. here’s a whole mess of american speeches, and here’s a much smaller collection of campaign speeches.


  3. MA

    Amy, thanks for the list! I’m glad someone’s search bore some fruit! :)

    Leigh Anne- it is a very exciting time! It was nice to see everyone here taking time to watch the swearing in of President Obama here at the library.


  4. RK

    There are indeed several subject headings that cover inaugurals in general, though Library of Congress subject headings can be very confusing. For general works about inaugurations you can search Presidents — United States — Inauguration, but the results are pretty limited. There’s also the equally under-represented headings Inauguration Day and Inauguration Day–History.

    For the ever popular inaugural addresses there’s
    Presidents — United States — Inaugural addresses which is cross referenced with the not to be forgotten: Inaugural Addresses Presidents United States. I am not to blame for the dry and prepositionless English used here.

    For good or bad, most material about inaugurations are part of the greater body of work about the individual president the inuguration is associated with, whether Lincoln, FDR or John Kennedy. JFK is unique in that there is a substantial quantity of material, relative to other presidents, exclusively focused on his inauguration. Go see: Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 — Inauguration, 1961.

    Thanks to the anonymous Reference Services Librarian who pointed out the availability of inaugural information in our collection.

  5. E Burlan

    from outside USA we see a change happening. hopefully it will be a change to be remembered for the good it brings, and not only for the Americans as people but for the very idea of true democracy – which counts for all nations.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! It’s good to hear from folks outside the country, E. – hopefully we can all move forward in the best possible way for everyone, and we library people definitely want to be a part of that.


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