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Who doesn’t love free movies? (part the third)

Slow economy got you down? Can’t afford that weekly trip to the movie theater? Maybe you should watch a movie here at the Main library instead – you can meet new people, indulge in our free (and sometimes even healthy) snacks, and impress your friends with your newfound cinematic knowledge. Just pick the series that suits you best!

International Cinema Sunday
First Sunday of each month at 2 PM
Highlighting films from around the world. Watch out, there will be subtitles.

book jacket     book jacket     book jacket

Saturday Matinee
Second Saturday of each month at 1 PM
Featuring films you may have missed.

Real to Reel Documentary Film Series
Third Thursday of each month at 7 PM
Need a reality check? Come see why true stories are as entertaining as fiction.

If you (heaven forbid) miss a film that you really really wanted to see, just look it up in the catalog and request it – they all go into our regular collections after the programs.


All films are shown in the Center for Museum Education – Classroom A.

  • From the front entrance: Walk straight through the First Floor, down the rear stairs, and through the glass doors. Classroom A is on the right.
  • From the rear (portal) entrance: Walk straight past the museum security office (on the left) and through the glass doors. Classroom A is on the left.

If you get lost, just ask one of the guards or employees!


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