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History Of Pilots Revealed

One of the great pleasures I take in my job as a librarian in Reference Services is my duty as primary handler of our Room Reference resources. I see them ordered, and more importantly, I see them when they first arrive. A nifty two-volume set caught my eye several weeks ago, one that I had missed in our ordering catalogs months ago.

Although not a newly published source, Experimental television, test films, pilots, and trial series, 1925 through 1995 : seven decades of small screen almosts by Vincent Terrace is new to our collection. If you have any interest in the history of obscure television, this set is worth a visit to the 2nd floor Reference room.

It passed a huge test for me when I was able to find a detailed entry on one of my favorite fantasy shows from my childhood, Archer: Fugitive from the Empire.

To an eleven year old kid starved for a sword and sorcery fix, Archer was gold, but so few people actually saw it (or will admit to seeing it) that I relish any chance to provide documented proof of its existence. Mr. Terrace’s book provides just that.


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