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First Day on the Job

Fellow blogger, MA wrote a great post yesterday on the inauguration of President Barack Obama.  This being such a historic occasion, there are a lot of commentary and thoughts about the event.  President Obama’s inaugural address was posted on the internet soon after it was delivered.  And, while trying to find late-breaking  images of yesterday’s events, I stumbled open an entire Inauguration 2009 Flickr group pool of pictures. 

Our country’s 200+ year Presidential Inaugural tradition has some interesting history.   For example, the swearing-in traditionally takes place before noon, and only two inaugurations were moved indoors due to cold weather (William Taft in 1909 and Ronald Reagan in  1985).  The library has a few books on the subject if you’re interested in reading more.  You can also check out the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies to view videos of previous inaugurations.

– Lisa

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