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Reading Room At Market Square Offers Library Sans Walls

Market_Square Librarians love outreach.  We love taking our show on the road and hawking our wares where you might not expect to find us.  Case in point, the Reading Room At Market Square.  This annual and ongoing CLP program runs every Tuesday from 11:00 – 2:00, covering dates from late May all the way through September 24.

So what can you do there?  Learn about services like eCLP, find out what’s new and happening at the Downtown & Business library, partake in our awesome book sale (softcovers are $1.00 and hardcovers are $2.00–what a steal!), and much more!  We love being at Market Square because we get to share in the good feelings engendered by its renewed vibrancy.  Market Square’s revitalization makes it the place to be at lunchtime in Downtown Pittsburgh, and we at CLP love being a part of it!


P.S. Not that you needed any further inducements, but make sure you stop by the Reading Room and find out if you may eligible for an iPad Mini!

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