Somebody’s Getting Married (not me)

Tomorrow, I’m attending the wedding of two friends from college (Two asides: 1. I’m at the same table as the professor I had for Philosophy. This is not a hardship – he’s awesome. 2. The wedding is loosely Neil Gaiman-themed. I love my nerdy friends.). They’re pretty great people and I’m excited for a fun day.

Between helping my sister plan her own a few years ago and just being a late 20-something lady with basic cable (Say Yes to the Dress and My Fair Wedding, anyone?), I have a mild fascination with wedding culture. Not necessarily for the crazy amounts of money folks spend, but that it is one of those very important life events that still follows specific social conventions and traditions.

If you’re planning a big day for yourself, or you just like to be an etiquette know-it-all, check out these planning books:

– Jess, who is humming this song


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7 responses to “Somebody’s Getting Married (not me)

  1. heidi

    My bridal party walked down the isle to that song! :)

  2. I found the book from the “A Practical Wedding” website was very helpful.

  3. Wedding planning for dummies us quite all right, too, though I haven’t been able to compare it with other books.

  4. There should be books on how to cope with being selected as a bridesmaid.

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