About 9/11

The Library holds nearly 400 items about September 11, 2001, arguably the most deeply inscribed event in this era’s collective memory.  Coverage via print, film, and audio reflects the tragedy’s impact both on our personal and on our political psyches and the Library’s efforts to address it with fictional and non-fictional literature.

The collection meets the specialized needs of CLP patrons with items for a range of ages, viewpoints, and literary tastes.  A significant number of materials, for example, Playing Dad’s Song, On That Day: A Book of Hope for Children, and Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey offer stories that address youngsters’ questions factually yet with grace and reassurance, and others, via graphic literature such as The 911 Report: A Graphic Adaptation, American Widow, and 9-11: Artists Respond do the same for teens and young adults.  Materials ranging from official documents of the Federal Government to photographic essays to narratives and to viewpoints situated on virtually every point of the political continuum line our shelves.  Finally, the Carnegie Library collection provides a gateway to authors whose works offer us succor and inspiration and thoughts on how to make the world safer for all of us.

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  1. we also have more than 40 DVDs on the subject, ranging from footage of the towers to analysis of the collapse, interviews with survivors, and documentaries about the plot behind the attacks.

    – amy, film and audio

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