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“Doctor Who-oo, hey!”

I’ve been thinking about Doctor Who a lot lately. Just watched Tom Baker in the Deadly Assassin, and that old KLF song (thanks, Tim!) from the 1980’s has been rattling around in my head. Another favorite take on the classic theme is Orbital’s wonderful homage; it takes a minute or two to get going but it’s worth the wait.

Fans of BBC’s Doctor Who show might not know that the library has a nice collection of Doctor Who fiction. These lovely little hardcovers from Random House UK are sure to please dedicated Who fans.

As the sun sets on David Tenant’s run as the 10th Doctor, folks new to the show, or those who’ve never given it a try might want to place a reserve on one of the library’s DVD boxed sets. Tenant will be sorely missed when he is gone, but the new Doctor and the creative crew surrounding him holds much promise for future greatness.


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