Upset at the Oscars? This Film Could Do It!

The Oscars are just around the corner and most of the nominees have already been reviewed, analyzed, examined and pored over in every conceivable way. But be on the lookout for one new upstart, just released last week, that could steal the show in the Short Film Category.
A recently released “biopic” of the Music Department at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is already garnering rave reviews. From Haydn to Hip Hop: Music at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Directed by David M. King, © 2009, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is sweeping the YouTube (and library) nation. Although not released in time for Sundance, the clever pacing, witty humor and cast of characters give this compelling film a good chance at a win.

First-time director David King is a natural storyteller. In just over nine minutes he manages to convey the entire story of two souls who turn to the library and discover a world of wonders. Wide-eyed Bonnie seems to marvel at every new discovery while sensible Wes already “had the scoop” on what libraries offer. Interspersing live musicians with the collection, King manages to both point out the connection that the library can make to the real world of music and musicians, but also the variety of resources this library offers.

This reviewer’s favorites include the “barcoded” opera singer and Tim the “whiz kid” librarian/drummer. Personalized information help is not lost, it seems to say, and don’t discount that librarian vs. the Internet!

In these days of economic troubles, it is a real service to remind the public of all the wonderful things made possible with “just” a library card. Would that we could encourage all people to get a card, to use it wisely, and to support an institution that really lives up to the idea of a social contract. Where else can you try out opera, rap, folk and jazz—as well as read up on the history of the blues? Or take up a new instrument? Or find the perfect song and arrangement for your special occasion?

This video reminds us of what libraries are all about—now go get your card today!

Rating: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪



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5 responses to “Upset at the Oscars? This Film Could Do It!

  1. Also, there’s a great in-joke/big-reveal about life @ the refdesk during the segment where Tim answers Bonnie and Wes’s questions. I’m not going to spoil it for you – you’ll just have to watch the video and find out…

    [but, David, on behalf of reference librarians everywhere, thank you. :)]


  2. Rebekah

    Nice “review,” Beth! Now it’s everyone else’s turn to create a video as well.


  3. Chuck

    One of my music cataloger colleagues lamented that the video does not mention yours truly, observing that my work gives access to CLP’s wonderful music collection. But, as I replied to her, catalogers generally should remain anonymous, and that’s fine with me.
    Nice work, David!

  4. Rebekah – there are cunning plans afoot for other videos in a differernt, um, oevure.

    Chuck – Bless you catalogers! Without you, we are lost. One of you should write up a little something for the blog, tell the viewers at home about your secret nefarious ways. ;)


  5. Rebekah

    I have heard about these plans… cool ideas. And, I heartily agree with LAV’s comment about catalogers. We send you librarian love!

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