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Now that’s comedy!*

The Film & Audio Department contains a wonderful selection of stand up comedy on both DVD and book on CD. And conveniently enough, they share the same basic call number with the stand up comedy books: PN 1969.

We’ve got live people!

Rough Around the Edges – Audio and video clips from Dane Cook’s “Rough around the edges” tour from Madison Square Garden.

We’ve got dead people!

George’s Best Stuff – A compilation of some of George Carlin’s classic stand-up routines.

We’ve got new stuff!

Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show – Hit the road with Vince Vaughn and his friends as they take on America’s heartland with the wildest comedy tour of all time.

We’ve got old stuff!

Bill Cosby, Himself – Bill Cosby’s 1982 live concert filmed in Canada with material ranging from the trials of marriage and parenthood, to the antics of the very young, to an encounter at a dentist’s office.

We’ve got raunchy stuff!

Eddie Murphy: RawEddie Murphy entertains with celebrity impersonations and his observations on ’80s love, sex, marriage, his remembrance of Mom’s hamburgers, and more.

We’ve got less raunchy stuff!

Thou Shalt Laugh – Seven Christian stand-up comedians perform routines with family-friendly jokes and stories about the trials and tribulations of daily life.

Photo by Carlos Varela, via Flickr creative commons license!

“Two public librarians and a museum archivist walk into a major university's academic services building….”

If that’s not enough for you, just look up stand up comedy in the catalog to find hundreds of other choices. And remember to take care of your library materials and return them on time, or we’ll get out the Sledge-O-Matic.

– Amy

* Slappy Squirrel, Animaniacs

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