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an alternative to writer’s block . . . snacking

As has happened to the best of us (at least that’s what I tell myself), I have a full-blown case of writer’s block.  Now I could give you a list of books with writing advice, but my colleague, Renée, has done that already.  What I would suggest, and what I always do myself, is head to the fridge, or if you’re in an office environment like mine, to the snack table.  Really, just looking at food can be inspiring, and certainly seeing my current array of options – Oreos, jelly beans, and caramel corn – sent me quickly back to the computer to write.  After a handful of the caramel corn, of course. 

As usual, the library can help you, even in the snacking endeavor.  We can help you understand the nutrition label on the snacks you buy at the store, and we have a selection of books with recipes for making your own, including:

Midnight SnacksMidnight Snacks: 150 Easy and Enticing Alternatives to Standing by the Freezer Eating Ice Cream from the Carton, by Michael J. Rosen and Sharon Reiss.

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Italian Snacks 

Simple Italian Snacks: More Recipes from America’s Favorite Panini Bar, by Jason Denton and Kathryn Kellinger.


Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook The Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook: More than 100 Healthy Recipes for Everyday Snacking, by Laura Trice.

Now sometimes snack food just has to be junk food, and we even have a cookbook for that:

Top Secret Recipes Top Secret Recipes: Creating Kitchen Clones of America’s Favorite Brand-Name Foods, by Todd Wilbur.


And sometimes one’s snack has to be a particular food, or else.  We can offer:

Popcorn!: 60 Irresistible Recipes for Everyone’s Favorite Snack, by Frances Towner Giedt.

Potatoes Potatoes: From Pancakes to Pommes Frites, by Annie Nichols.  (In case you’re thinking “huh?”, this book includes a recipe for potato chips.)

The Complete Jerky Book The Complete Jerky Book: How to Dry, Cure, and Preserve Everything from Venison to Turkey, by Monte Burch.


So there you have it, a cure for writer’s block and a whole lot of snacks for all occasions. 


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naming the world

“Do you know how many times I’ve thought about writing about the paper I’m writing on?” —cLOUDDEAD

Maybe the late post time gives it away: I’m suffering from a mean case of writer’s block.

You might think that sitting at a desk answering questions that range from “Where is the mezzanine?” to “Do you have a film about Ralph Nader?” to “What can you tell me about Marion Anderson?” would serve for endless inspiration, but the sheer volume of information here has brainwashed my mind blank today. Do I choose a few favorite graphic novels from our diverse collection to rave about? Address the conflict between the Libel Terrorism Protection Act and the First Amendment? Tout the importance of intellectual freedom in public libraries? Wax eloquent about Prince’s 1989 hit “Batdance?” Talk about the weather?

Everything seems too complex to approach with a simple blog post, so I’m writing about how hard it is to write sometimes. We’ve got a book for that. Poetic, psychological, useful, clever, supportive, monstrous or aggressive, guides to getting unstuck are just the inspiration and encouragement I need. The titles alone (like Blood on the Forehead) for some of the writing guides are enough to make a body want to start naming the world.

Now that I’ve gotten started, I could just keep going, but suffice it to say that whether you’re stuck with a resume or drawing a comic, CLP has got more than a few words to help make a literary life.


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