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To charm a worm

This past Saturday the United Kingdom hosted its 30th anniversary World Worm Charming Championships.  Worm charming is a sport in which competitors use various methods to “charm” worms from their loamy abodes with methods including but not limited to: tap dancing, singing, stomping, and the usage of various contraptions that create vibrations on the 3×3 meter plots of ground.   The competition lasts for only 30 minutes and no water is allowed—it sedates the worms.  This year the winner was a ten year old girl who charmed 567 worms from the ground!  It was a new world record.
Here’s a video about the contest: 

ETA:  At some point after this was posted, the embedding was disabled by request – click here to get an eyeful of worm charming!

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Now go out there and charm some worms!

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