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Testing and Education Reference Center

If you’re taking a standardized test, whether it’s the SAT or the Firefighter exam, you can get free test prep materials from the library. 

To access a free, online version of any Peterson’s book, go to http://www.carnegielibrary.org/research/jobsedu/databases.html and scroll down to “Testing & Education Reference Center.”  Then, if you’re at home, click “Remote Access” and enter your library card number.  (While TERC looks like any other normal website, the library pays to have access to it, so you have to go through these steps to prove you’re a member.)

You’ll have to create an account, which TERC primarily uses to send you the scores to any practice tests you may take.  This should be a quick and painless process.  

On the front page, you’ll see groups of standardized tests.  (They also offer related tools, such as college and financial aid information, career research, and even resume assistance.)   If your test isn’t on the front page, they probably still cover it.  Use the search box in the upper right to find out. 

Of course, you can also come into the library for print materials.  If your local library doesn’t stock a particular title, you can request one to be sent to you.  Or, as always, you can come visit the Job and Career Education Center in Oakland.


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Job and Career Education Center

Did you know the library has an entire department devoted to job hunting, career development, higher education, and test preparation?  No matter where you are in your working life, the Job and Career Education Center (JCEC) has something to help you.

Whether you’re wondering what you should be when you grow up, or researching what it would take to switch to a new career, we can help you narrow things down.  A good way to start is to take some career aptitude tests, like the Pennsylvania Department of Labor’s Career Guide.  (I took this quiz a few years ago, and it told me the career I was most suited to was… librarian!  Of course, your results may vary, and are only to be used as a starting point.)

Once you know some specific careers you might be interested in, you can research them in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Here, you will see what training and education you might need to become qualified, what the actual work is like on a daily basis, and what you can expect in terms of job openings and salary. 

Or, if you don’t like any of the suggested careers, we have books like “Careers for Night Owls and Other Insomiacs” that explore a range of careers that might be appropriate to your interests and abilities.

At some point in your job hunt, you may have to take a standardized test.  Whether you’re studying for the SATs or the firefighter’s exam, we’ll have something to help you.  And if we don’t have a physical copy of the book on our shelves, we may have access to a full-text version online through the Testing and Education Reference Center

If you need more education before you’re ready for your dream job, the JCEC can show you how to research schools, prepare your application, and look for financial aid.  (If you’re looking for a trade school or apprenticeship, we can help with that too!)

When it’s finally time to apply for that dream job, come brush up on writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and other aspects of the job hunt.  Then search for job postings through the “Finding a Job” section of the JCEC’s website

This is only the beginning of what the JCEC has to offer.  Whether you have a specific problem or question, or you’re not even sure what your next step is, stop by the JCEC and chat with a librarian.


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