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Friday We’re In (Library) Love

Is Tuesday too early to start planning your Friday happy hour? We don’t think so, especially since tickets to our After Hours events tend to sell out. You are cordially invited to join us at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh–Lawrenceville on Friday, May 17, 2013,  between 6 – 8 p.m., for drinks, snacks, entertainment, and a closer look at the branch’s recent renovations.


Only 225 tickets will be sold, so make sure you get yours by:

Need more reasons? Your ticket purchase supports the day-to-day operations of the library you love, and is partially tax-deductible to boot. Bonus: after After Hours, you can stick around the neighborhood with us to enjoy specials on drinks and/or food at several Lawrenceville establishments, including Eclipse Lounge and Tender Bar + Kitchen.

Have questions we didn’t cover in this blog post? Click here to learn more, or call/e-mail Jesse at 412.622.6276 ( dilauraj at carnegielibrary dot org).

Leigh Anne

with apologies to The Cure

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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to Open Location on the Moon?

There’s something mysterious going on around here, and I think I’ve figured out what it is:  after using my Sherlockian powers of deductive reasoning, I can only conclude that the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is about to open its first extraterrestrial location…on the moon.

I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out:  there’s a new initiative afoot called CLP LYNCS, which stands for the Library in Your Neighborhood, Community, and School–catchy, no?  It’s a wonderful program designed to bring what the library has to offer directly to where you live, work, and play.  With presentations designed for children, teens, and adults, LYNCS can open up the library for you in a way you might never have imagined.  And if you sign up for their e-newsletter, you’ll be in the know about any new programs and services long before your friends and neighbors will.

And all of that is lovely!  But I think there’s more to this project than meets the eye.

You see, LYNCS can also stand for Lunar Yurt : New Carnegie Station.  And it just so happens that LYNCS is hosting a special event at the Pittsburgh Public Market on Friday, April 15th 2011.  Scheduled activities include a ribbon-cutting ceremony, drop-in storytelling, and a fun presentation called 30 Books in 30 Minutes, which is kind of like speed-dating for you and books: the library staff will give you a quick summary, and if you’re intrigued, you can check out the titles on the spot.  Call me crazy, but that much fun in such a great location clearly spells “library on the moon.”

There’s only one way to find out.  Make your way down to the Pittsburgh Public Market on April 15th–after you’ve finished your taxes, of course–to meet the LYNCS staff and get to the bottom of the quasi-lunar mystery that’s decidedly out of this world.

–Leigh Anne
whose only real worry about the library on the moon is the atmosphere…


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