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The Brentwood Anthology Reading: The Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange

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Since 1974, the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange has been a staple of the Pittsburgh literary scene. On Saturday, January 24th, from 3 to 4 pm at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh–Main in Oakland, there will be a reading from, and a celebration of, the recent publication, The Brentwood Anthology, which includes the work of 22 nationally and regionally known poets who are members of the Exchange. Many of the poets from the anthology will be present to read their work.

The anthology has received some fine press, including this great article on the TribLive website. The publisher, nine toes press (an imprint of Lummox Press) has put up a generous sampling of poems from the anthology in a digital ‘flip book’ format for ease of reading.

In the introduction to the collection, founder and guiding luminary, Michael Wurster, notes that, for the last 40 years, the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange has served the greater Pittsburgh community as “a voluntary association of local poets, especially those out of the university loop.” The organization produces readings, such as the one upcoming at the Carnegie Library, and events, as well as creating a network for local practitioners of the poetic arts. The workshops have been the mainstay of the organization throughout the years and continue on a monthly basis at the Brentwood Public Library. The effect on the lives of Pittsburgh poets, both established and struggling, of the Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange has been truly immeasurable.

As well as highlighting the work of PPE members, the reading on January 24th is a way of saying thanks to the organization and to the poets for all they’ve done in making Pittsburgh one of the most active urban hubs of poetry in the Northeast. Come out and join us for what should prove to be a stimulating, provocative and moving afternoon of poetry live.

~ Don 

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