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Go Outside!

Author's photo, McConnells Mill State Park, Slippery Rock Gorge

It’s that time of year again that I wait for all winter long—being outside! As soon as the weather warms up, I move almost all of my everyday activities outdoors: dining, reading, and yoga. And before I moved to Chatham Village, I even sometimes played my flute outside! As I walk around my co-op every evening, I’m always amazed that I seem to be the only one enjoying the quiet, the beauty, the cool night air while everyone else seems to be inside.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has lots of great ideas for outdoor living, whether you enjoy gardening, camping, or bird watching. And don’t forget about the library’s great stash of beach reads for your next vacation, home or away.

Author's photo, Downtown Pittsburgh from Mount Washington

The need to be outside is important for everyone’s health and well-being.

Ever since I’ve been a little girl, when my mother ordered my brother and I to “go outside!” I’ve been doing just that, and I’ve been hard-pressed to come back inside. That is, until the mosquitoes start biting.



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“What light through yonder window breaks?”

You’ll pardon our tardiness with today’s post, I’m sure.  Today the Carnegie library gang was puzzled–and more than a little distracted–by the appearance of a large, yellow orb in the sky, one that’s giving off warmth and light.  We’ve taken off our cardigan sweaters and opened up the windows to celebrate; mind you, we’re not 100% certain, but we think it might be…

the sun!  Hurray!

It is still February in Pittsburgh though, so this solar good fortune probably won’t last.   Take advantage of the serendipitous break in the gloom and do something outdoors.  And if your travels happen to bring you near the library, pop in to pick up a warm-weather read.

Leigh Anne
who hopes nobody will shush her if she starts singing

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