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Sentimental Favorites

It’s hard to knock someone for their favorite Christmas movie. I think more than any other films, these are the movies we have the biggest emotional connection with. They’re tied to very specific memories, especially those from our childhoods.


Absolutely, yes.  (I recommend the 2005 release for the re-addition of the “When Love is Gone” number. Schmaltzy? Sure. Necessary to the story? Yes.). You can’t beat the combination of Muppets and classic literature. But more than Muppets and a timeless story, this movie is also about spending time with my sister, giggling at Rizzo and Gonzo, singing along to the music and rooting for Robin as Tiny Tim.

Christmas Vacation is a close runner up (Did you know that the actress who played Aunt Bethany, Mae Questel, had a pretty amazing career as a voice actress with two iconic characters to her credit – Betty Boop and Olive Oyl!) I think it gets funnier with every viewing, really.

I can also appreciate movies that don’t immediately jump out at you as traditionally “Christmas Movies.” My best friend would say his favorite is Batman Returns  and I know plenty of people swear by Die Hard. At the opposite end of the spectrum, I also think of Little Women, especially the 1994 version, as a holiday movie.

Are there any you feel strongly loyal to?


– Jess, who is singing Muppet songs to herself now


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This is your brain on music.

Ever walk around with a song stuck in your head?  This phenomenon is called an earworm, and I seem to be particularly prone to it lately.  For about two weeks I was grooving along to the Dandy Warhols.  This was followed by a brief visit from The Cure, and then, without warning, POW!


Long ago a wise man claimed that music hath charms, and contemporary science seems to bear him out. Here are just a few of the many books the Carnegie Library carries on the curious effects of music on the human brain:

Musicophilia, Oliver Sacks.

This Is Your Brain on Music, Daniel J. Levitin.

Music, Language and the Brain, Aniruddh D. Patel.

Elevator Music, Joseph Lanza.

Click here for more options. And if the video clip above broke your brain? Well, my apologies. I’ve heard that the remedy for an earworm is to sing the song all the way through; if that doesn’t work (or if singing aloud would earn you odd looks from the folks in earshot), try taking home a hair of the dog that bit you.

Happy listening!

–Mahna Mahna, er, Leigh Anne

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