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My Love Letter to the South Side

Did you know that the South Side has a beautiful, newly renovated library? And that it’s open for business? And that I get to work there? It’s the best!

Photo from the South Pittsburgh Reporter

I love my neighborhood. I love the energy of East Carson Street and the (relative) tranquility of the Slopes. I love that I have so many bars, restaurants, galleries, theaters, bike trails and parks in my backyard. We even have a new dog park, so my girl Ozzy is happy on the South Side, too!

You know who else loves the South Side? Rick Sebak. Check out his DVD South Side. Learn about Veronica’s Veil and what the heck a StepTrek is. Or check out Greetings from Pittsburgh: Neighborhood Narratives, an “omnibus film created by Pittsburgh filmmakers features nine short fictional films set in diverse Pittsburgh neighborhoods, linked together via short sequences of a bus traveling throughout city streets.”

Did you know there is a work of fiction specifically based on the South Side? Scotch and Holy Water : A Pittsburgh Story by Gini Sunner. It tells the story of three immigrant families (Irish, Jewish, and Polish) who all lived and had businesses on Carson Street during World War II.

For more serious fare, check out Pittsburgh’s South Side by Stuart Boehmig. It’s part of the excellent Images of America Series and includes information about the historic buildings, people and events in the early days of Carson Street. Or visit the amazing Pittsburgh Iron and Steel Heritage Collection online and check out old South Side photographs.

Here are some of my personal favorite South Side things. (Besides the library, of course.)

I eat here. And hereHere, too. Oh, and here. I eat and drink here. I met my husband here. Look at art. Here, too. Watch art. Watch movies. Buy a bike. Get your bike fixed. I buy shirts here. I buy jewelry here and clothes here. I get my hair cut here. I get beautified and massaged here. Get coffee. Get more coffee. Get even more coffee, because there’s never enough!

And always, always, ice cream and candy.

So come visit the new South Side library! I’m always happy to give the nickel tour. Ask me questions about the geo-thermal heating and cooling system and LEED certification; because I can answer them!



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Shelf Examination: Sci-fi and Fantasy

First in a series of posts designed to help you make friends with a novel you might not otherwise have met.   Designed for folks who love to read, but hate hopping back and forth on one foot in front of the shelf, hoping the parking meter won’t expire before they’ve made a decision.

The Book: Freedom and Necessity, Emma Bull and Steven Brust.

Check this out if you like:  epistolary storytelling, 19th-century politcial intrigue, sophisticated vocabulary/diction, romantic subplots, magic, philosophy, or historical fantasy in the style of Susanna Clarke.

book jacket

The book:  Soon I Will Be Invincible, Austin Grossman.

Check this out if you like:  hipster snark in the style of Dave Eggers, graphic novels/comics (especially The X-Men),  mad scientists who try to take over the world, or climactic showdowns in secret lairs.

book jacket

The book:  The Execution Channel, Ken MacLeod.

Check this out if you like:  stories about dystopian futures, spy novels, blogging and other online intrigue, conspiracy theories, or fast-paced political thrillers.

book jacket

The book:  The Serpent and the Rose, Kathleen Bryan.

Check this out if you like:  Epic fantasy, strong female protagonists, unlikely heroes, chivalric romances, intricate mythologies, or classic tales of Good versus Evil.

book jacket

The book: The Da-Da-De-Da-Da Code, Robert Rankin.

Check this out if you like:  Surreal humor, parody, bad puns, music history and folklore, secret cabals that rule the world, and imaginary friends named Mr. Giggles the Monkey Boy.

Bonus:  The hardback version of this book contains a CD with songs mentioned in the text, including “Dance of the Sugar Plum Technofairy.”

 Intrigued?  Amused?  Perplexed?  My work here is done.  Happy reading!

–Leigh Anne


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