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Ok, I Get It

It’s taken me awhile to hop on the graphic novel craze, but after recently reading a few excellent ones I think I finally get what it’s all about. Here are the books that got me hooked:

supermanAll-Star Superman

I wasn’t much of a Superman fan until I read this. It’s a fresh take on the classic Superman story with some pretty heavy duty science fiction elements. 


hedgeThe Hedge Knight

I love George R. R. Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire series. The Hedge Knight is based on a short story that takes place in the Song of Ice and Fire universe.   


deadThe Walking Dead

Zombies are my favorite kind of monster, especially George Romero style zombies. This series has plenty of those, and yet for some reason I’ve neglected to read it.  Now that I’ve finally started, I’m obsessed. 



Watchmen is so critically acclaimed that I had to read it.  I’m happy to say that it lives up to the hype.


Next up is Saga of the Swamp Thing.  What should I read after that?



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