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Look About You, Nature is Everywhere

“The poetry of earth is never dead.” On the Grasshopper and Cricket,

John Keats

Most people who know me know that I love being outside. I love to feel the sun warm on my face, the breeze muss my hair, and the air on my skin. My psyche needs to be in  it every single day.

I also love to notice the changes in the weather; even during a humid heat wave, I like to detect the subtle temperature differences in the air from one morning to the next.

Nature surrounds us if we only just pay attention.

  • Observe a robin doggedly digging for worms on dewy morning grass or rabbits grazing on some clover
  • Enjoy the cool shade on a hot day under a mighty oak tree
  • Watch a yellow swallowtail butterfly flit among purple coneflowers
  • See flowers on a tree where there were just buds the day before or
  • Find wild edible berries

Even in the heart of a big city, you can find  and appreciate nature.

There are a lot of edible wild plants growing in and around the city. But to be safe, check out some of our foraging  books at the library.

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~Maria, who enjoys long meandering walks in the woods, along the lakeshore, and all over town


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