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Following The Following

When it comes to popular TV shows everyone always mentions the obvious ones like The Walking Dead, Scandal, Game Of Thrones, or Orange Is The New Black (I watch most of these). One show that I rarely hear come up is The Following. If it weren’t for intrigue based on seeing trailers for the show or word of mouth via Twitter or my Netflix queue, I probably wouldn’t ever know about the show. I’m glad that I know about it now.

The show centers around former FBI agent, Ryan Hardy, (played by Kevin Bacon) who is roped back into a case surrounding serial killer Joe Carroll, who killed fourteen girls. Carroll was an English professor and author with an obsession with Edgar Allan Poe. It then launches into a game of cat and mouse with Hardy trying to find Carroll, but Carroll is always a few steps ahead. Carroll is never alone in his plots. He has a cult of followers who help him by doing various things including committing more murders.

This show is full of terror and suspense. Sometimes you can least expect what’s going to happen next. The show directly references multiple Poe works including “The Raven“, “The Tell Tale Heart“, etc. This show should be getting more attention than it does. It is intriguing, exciting, unpredictable, and sometimes scary. The first two seasons are available in our catalog. The current season airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on FOX.



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