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A Woman’s Prerogative

Ever since childhood, I’ve disliked change. Probably because I fear it.  So I cling to routines. I’m slow to win over and I’m reluctant to try new things, until I either first research a topic to death or circumstances force the issue. Then I’m at peace with it. This is most likely why I’m child-free and why only a job loss could prompt me to leave my beloved home state two years ago. But these life-changing decisions have turned out to be good for me in many ways.

But on a lighter note, I’ve also changed my mind about the following:

1. Vegetables. As a child and teenager, I hated, absolutely hated vegetables. Not even simply lettuce and tomato could tempt me to try them and my mother never forced the issue–it’s a wonder I didn’t get really sick! But upon approaching forty, disliking meat to the point of being repulsed by it, and concern about my poor family health history, I became a vegan. It has been five years and I’ve never looked back. And now I love, love, love vegetables–my mother still can’t believe it.

Home-grown mizuna greens! Author’s photo

2. Historical romance novels. I used to superiorly smirk and inwardly sigh in disbelief–shame on me!–when  asked for those books with the sexy covers. What could be worse for your brain than those books? Or so I thought. Then I started reading my fellow Eleventh Stack bloggers’ posts highlighting some romance novels they enjoyed and decided to just try it. Bite my tongue; I’m now hooked. At their very heart are some wonderfully well-written stories but there’s also a surprising amount of history–eighteenth and nineteenth century England which, as a Jane Austen student, I love. Plus it’s all happy endings and I’ve had enough angst-ridden books in my life and women’s book clubs for a lifetime.

Sherry Thomas is one of several excellent romance writers I’ve discovered.

3. E-books. I now see the appeal of e-books. I will always prefer the feel and look (and smell!) of print books but I have found that there are some titles available in e-book format that the library doesn’t own in print. I also very much like that nobody can see (that I’m aware of!) what I’m reading, have on hold, or checking out from the library.

My Nook e-reader (Author’s photo)

How about you? Are there things you like or do now that you never thought you would?



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