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Writer’s Block Party!

Are you working on your acceptance speech for Best Original Screenplay as we speak?  Is there a draft copy of the Next Great American Novel hidden away on your hard drive?  Do you secretly harbor Walter Mitty-esque fantasies about chucking your conventional career for the unpredictable, yet sometimes glamorous, world of freelance writing? Of course you do! You’ve got big dreams. You want fame!

Well, I hear fame costs…but the Carnegie Library’s collection of support materials for creative writers of all stripes can help you move a little closer to your goals, without a huge investment of start-up capital. Here’s a sample of the kinds of materials we provide:

We also make sure to keep copies of several key writers’ tools at the second floor reference desk.  These include the most recent editions of Writer’s Market, Poet’s Market*, and Literary Market Place. Why not treat yourself to an afternoon at the library doing research, and save your hard-earned cash for that congratulatory round of drinks you plan to buy when your brilliant screenplay finally gets picked up by a major media mogul?

Obviously we can’t guarantee you fame, fortune, or a seat next to David Hyde Pierce at the Tonys. We can, however, provide the tools and the atmosphere you’ll need to at least get going in the right direction.

Dream on, creative writers. We can’t wait to say we knew you when.

–Leigh Anne

*Fret not, folks – we’d love it if you’d come sit a spell, but if you absolutely can’t, we do carry circulating back issues of these publications. Just make sure to double-check contact information before you submit, lest your heartbreaking work of staggering genius go to an incorrect address.

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David Hyde Pierce: an Appreciation


Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827

On the final page of the May 2009 issue of Gramophone magazine, actor David Hyde Pierce (most well known as Niles on Frasier) writes about his early piano lessons and the classical music that has touched him throughout his life. I was pleased to see him mention that some of the recordings that inspired his love for Beethoven were done by the Pittsburgh Symphony under the baton of William Steinberg.

If David Hyde Pierce ever came to visit our library, I’d sit him down at one of our listening stations with our 8 LP set of Steinberg conducting the 9 Beethoven symphonies with the PSO. We would talk about the greatness of Beethoven. We would discuss how Pittsburgh has a world-class orchestra, well-documented on recordings and still going strong, including lots of performances of Beethoven’s works under the new leadership of Manfred Honeck. Then I would get very serious. I would look Mr. Pierce directly in the eye and tell him how great he was in the ridiculous comedy Wet Hot American Summer, how he looks good in a mustache in the film, how well he taught science to “the indoor kids” at summer camp, and how it is one of my all time favorite, funny movies.

— Tim

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