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The used key is always bright.

When you’ve been in the same place for a few years, you start to build odd collections – for example, after six years at the same desk I’ve assembled an assortment of seven different kinds of tape, three types of glue, and a bewildering array of library stickers (these things make me very happy).

This library has been in the same place for about 118 years, so it has some pretty impressive odd collections. Last time around I showed you some stamps; this time let’s contemplate some keys.

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– Amy

(Post title from Poor Richard’s Almanac, July 1744.)


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What’s Your Pinterest?

Be honest: you’ve picked a book by its cover.  Said cover may have been bright, pretty, scary or fun.  Want a new way to choose a book by its cover? Let your search begin at Pinterest.  Pinterest.com is a website that allows users to “pin” their favorite images to a virtual pinboard. Users can pin pictures of anything they want and, luckily, some users take photos of their favorite book covers. These users have pinboard titles or captions such as “must read,” or “books worth reading,” making the books easier for you to find.

Once you’re on Pinterest, you can use the search box at the top-right side of the page to find whatever you’re interested in. Pinterest covers topics besides books, so it’s best to narrow down your search with good keywords. A simple search for “books” returns pictures with books in them, crafts using repurposed books, and book covers. However, if you narrow the search to “book covers,” you can find great books like Emma, Post Secret, and I Like You.

Okay, maybe Pinterest is not what you’d normally think of as a book recommender, but it can be a fun way to use it. After you’ve found a great book, you can search the library’s catalog to request it. You can also use it to find cool things on our webpage. If Pinterest piques your interest in crafts, for example, a simple search will lead you to our upcoming bookmaking craft event.

–Melissa F.


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