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Helping Hands in CLP-Sheraden’s Garden

I’m not a gardener.

Not even close.

Oh, I pretend to be. Every spring, just when we start getting a few 70 degree days, I check out some gardening books from the library. I have fantasies of growing a kitchen garden with abundant basil and oregano to last me into the winter.  I’m going to grow lavender and make sachets for Christmas presents. I have no problem photographing the progress of the daffodils in my front yard to show off to all my Facebook friends.

But here’s the reality: I don’t do any of those things.

(Except photograph my daffodils to show off on Facebook.)

Melissa's daffodils

Yup. Planted every bulb myself. (Or, y’know, maybe the previous owners of our house were … I dunno … master gardeners? Or something?)

I don’t know what my problem is. Maybe it’s a dirt thing.  Books are a lot cleaner and less labor-intensive, you know?  They don’t need to be watered. There aren’t any bugs –

– all right, now I’m just making excuses.  Recently, students in the horticultural program at Bidwell Training Center put me to shame. They volunteered to plant the garden at CLP-Sheraden and they also did some tremendous clean up work. This is a photo of the project in the very beginning stages, but the result was fantastic!

CLP Sheraden - Garden

It almost made me get the urge to plant my own garden.

You know, right after I finish this chapter of my book.

Special thanks to the amazing volunteers at Bidwell Training Center for their incredible work on CLP-Sheraden’s garden! You did a tremendous job and the Library is so grateful for your time and hard work!

~ Melissa F.

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