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Blame it on the rain (or Mercury retrograde)

Last week, I was hit with the biggest case of the winter blues. For no reason at all, everything was impossible. My daughter turned into a threenager overnight. I slipped on some ice while running. The muffler on our car broke and the day I was supposed to take it to the shop it snowed and there was nowhere to park so I had to drive my noisy car around and around the block. There were no seats on the bus. And it is cold! And snowy! And dark! Remind me never to move to Sweden.

On the day when I was feeling the worst, I figured out a couple of things:

  1. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing! I remembered that I feel awful every winter. Time for me to start stalking the sunset times again and looking forward to the end of the month when it will still be light out when I leave work. And in only one month it will be daylight savings time!
  2. Mercury is in retrograde. This has never, ever meant anything to me, but articles started popping up on my Facebook feed and it’s as good a reason as any to explain how I was feeling. Supposedly during times of Mercury retrograde, things break, appointments get missed, and everything is just generally awful. I hear from Taylor Swift that this Mercury retrograde is particularly awful. Astrology says I’m supposed to feel this way! (I’m also supposed to be compassionate, creative, idealist, escapist and oversensitive according to astrology. Guess my sign!)
  3. My “problems” are really not so bad. A dear friend of mine, who underwent an actual tragedy not long ago, contacted me to see if I would help proofread a grant she was writing. The combination of doing something to help someone else, and the realization that even in her bad times she was working to improve things for others, really went a long way towards putting my funk in perspective. It’s such common advice that it’s almost cliche, but helping others truly does benefit us as much as it does those on the receiving end of our help.
  4. Spring is coming! I’m keeping my eyes on the prize by planning my garden and dreaming of sunny, ice-free runs. Our Seed Library’s annual seed swap is even happening this month, which is a great harbinger of springtime.

Finally, yesterday Maria wrote a wonderful blog post with some ways that she’s been handling some major life changes. Check it out if you missed it!


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It’s All In The Stars

I would like to say I don’t believe in all that silly horoscope stuff and dream interpretation and signs and omens and whatnot. But my zodiac sign is Pisces and my Chinese zodiac sign is the Snake:


OnlyAstrologyMy all-time favorite astrology book is The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk. I bought my first copy sometime in the early 90s, only to have it stolen by some strumpet my boyfriend was cheating on me with. I’ve long since gotten over him, but I’m still pretty bent about the book. Seriously, you can steal just about anything you want from me, but keep your mitts off of my books!

But I digress.

The Only Astrology Book now comes with an interactive CD that will actually make your birth chart for you. And it is NEATO. Also way less time-consuming than looking up all of the planetary placements yourself.

I’ve outed myself as a Pisces. A lot of people say, “You don’t seem like a typical Pisces,” by which I think they mean I’m not sappy, over-sensitive or super-emotional. I can be, but as a rule, I’m pretty balanced because my Moon in Libra. (Scales!) However, the dark side of the Moon makes me indecisive and frivolous. Like indecisive to the point that deciding what to have for lunch brings me to tears.

Knowing the basics of the zodiac helps with relationships, too.  Now I’m not saying that I knew Cancers responded to sincere compliments when I met my husband, but I sure did like his smile. I know Leos like to have their egos stroked and Scorpios are intense, but generous and loyal (sexy, too.) I should never date a Gemini because all they do is hurt my feelings and I shouldn’t marry a fellow Pisces (despite the physical attraction) because we’re both bad with money and will end up bankrupt. See? Look at all those things you just learned! Learn more with these books!

EverdayAstrologyGary Goldschneider’s Everyday Astrology : How to Make Astrology Work For You by Gary Goldschneider. Also available as an e-book. Gary Goldschneider is also the author of The Secret Language of Birthdays, which is another great astrology resource. Goldschneider is considered one of the experts on personology, the link between astrology as a science and astrology as an art. Everyday Astrology is a fun look at how to use the zodiac in your relationships, career and other facets of your life. Want to ask your Aries boss for a raise? Break up with Scorpio? Survive the holidays with Gemini parents? Then this is the book for you!

SunSignsLinda Goodman’s Sun Signs by Linda Goodman . Since its initial publication in 1968, Sun Signs has sold over 60 million copies. It also has the distinction of being the first astrology book to be a New York Times bestseller. As well it should be. Nearly 45 years later, the astrological insights from Goodman are still astonishing. When I read her description of my own sign, I’m amazed at not only her accuracy, but by the intuition behind her research. Interesting tidbit about Goodman: she would never reveal her own birth year. Only after her death in 1995 did the world find out (1925).

RockYourStarsRock  Your Stars: Your Astrological Guide to Getting it All by Holiday Mathis. Holiday Mathis writes a popular daily horoscope column, and Rock Your Stars is a compilation of her extensive astrological knowledge. Mathis encourages women to use astrology in their everyday life- as a form of meditation almost, like some of us do yoga or pray. What color should you paint your bedroom? Where should you go with your career? Is he the right one for you? Use Rock Your Stars to find your own path.

WhatYoruBirthdayRevelasWhat Your Birthday Reveals About You: 366 Days of Astonishingly Accurate Revelations About Your Future, Your Secrets, and Your Strengths by Phyllis Vega. This book is astonishingly accurate. It’s also a great coffee table book, simply for the conversation it will generate. Vega is the author of several very popular astrology books, including Erotic Astrology, which, sadly, the library does not own. It is fascinating to me that the day you are born predicts so much about your future weaknesses and strengths.

LobsterForLeosLobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorns : An Astrology Lover’s Cookbook by Sabra Ricci. It makes me stupidly happy that astrology cookbooks exist. In Woolfolk’s book, she writes about what foods are best and worst for each sign (I should stay away from caffeine. REALLY?!?!?!? YOU THINK?!!) This cookbook takes it one step further and has recipes for that will help Aries focus, get a Scorpio talking, and countless aphrodisiacs, as well. If you are in the South Side, feel free to deliver astrologically accurate cookies to me.

Happy Predicting!

frivolous, yet compassionate, Pisces


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