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Examinations and Revolutions

Two things I’ve recently checked out over the last month or so have struck me as particularly worthy of passing on to the Eleventh Stack family.


One is a film called Examined Life by Astra Taylor. This film looks at issues of philosophical inquiry from a variety of different angles. It includes Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor on the subject of interdependence, gender and disability, Kwame Anthony Appiah on cosmopolitanism, Michael Hardt on revolution, Martha Nussbaum on justice, Avital Ronell on meaning, Slavj Zizek on ecology, Peter Singer on ethics and Cornel West on truth. Like any philosophical discussion, there were moments for me when I was puzzled, excited, in agreement, and in disagreement. It’s worth watching, worth a ponder and, if for no other reason, the Cornel West parts are great.


Second, a book by Richard Rhodes called Hell and Good Company: the Spanish Civil War and the World it Made caught my eye. I’ve read a bit about the Spanish Civil War (and written about it on this blog!), and it never ceases to grab my attention and amaze me. Rhodes is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and it shows in this volume. It’s not so much a political polemic, as a well-organized historical discussion. It’s good, and I recommend it!

As Pittsburgh thaws, get thinking and get moving! These two are a great start!


-who is currently navigating the cultural, social, and political vicissitudes of moving up to the Over 40s division in his old-guy soccer league for the Spring


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