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I’m Feeling Colorful

patternsWith the holidays already rearing their heads, we all need to relax. By now, most people have heard about the benefits of art and the suddenly trendy hobby of adult coloring to de-stress.

All I can say, ladies and gents, is that this rocks! I haven’t colored since I was 10, and even then, being the perfectionist that I am, I could not enjoy it because I wasn’t … artistically inclined (I couldn’t stay inside the lines, my colors didn’t go together, blah blah blah). However, 25 years later, I’m much less concerned about my artistic abilities and more interested in having a little bit of fun. And, as I’ve found out, it is.

animalsArticle after article declares coloring to be a much better (and cheaper) alternative to other common forms of stress relief, a way to focus, or way of achieving mindfulness (almost, but not quite, as good as some meditation). Or it can be mindless … *whichever you prefer.*

Psychologists are in agreement: It’s enjoyable, helpful for our stressful existence and gives us something other than our problems to focus on. But, in their words, “Do not confuse this with art therapy” (they’re adamant about that). Their argument is that this is a passive activity, and not one where people actively engage in creating art. Of course, if this is as far as you can engage with art (me! And my amazing stick figures!), then I tend to disagree with the psychologists.

stainedglassIn my humble opinion, I like to think of them as my own version of awesomeness/my own attempt at the Mona Lisa (which, yes, you can color in). So go on with your bad self before you throw that piece of pie at your mother-in-law, switch off your mind’s endlessly spinning thoughts this holiday season, and enjoy some of the library’s resources.
Also, just an FYI, the coloring books are on their way to the branch libraries. We’ll soon have coloring books in themes such as Game of Thrones, Animals, Harry Potter and more. We’ll also have Sudoku books and puzzles in the near future.

In the meantime, check out what we have to offer:



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