Get Your Game On

If you’ve nosed around your branch’s AV section in the past few days, you may have noticed that things were shuffled around a bit to make room for a new collection. That’s right, we are all circulating video games now!

The collect at Woods Run

The collection at Woods Run

We have a mix of 3DS; X-box One and 360; and PS3 and PS4 games available at all of the branches. Just like the Best Seller DVD collections, these items can’t be placed on hold. However, we’ll hopefully have a good selection ready to go on the shelf for you. You can borrow three at a time and play your heart out for three weeks. Bonus: Main expanded their requestable collection, so we can always try to help you find something if it’s not at the branches!

Here are some of the titles we received:

Happy gaming!

– Jess


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    This is great stuff.I wish we could get some donations for old DVDs for our village library in Uganda

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