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November 2015 Recap

Were you crazy busy with holiday cooking, spending time with your friends and family, buying gifts, taking midterms, and generally trying to get things done before it gets really cold?

Us, too. Which is why we’re posting this handy dandy recap of Library blog goodness.

noplotThis month, Kelly gave some advice on participating in National Novel Writing Month and Leigh Anne reflected on the Library’s birthday, Guy Fawkes Day, and V for Vendetta.

In the food department, Melissa F. covered some books about healthy eating and food literacy. Ginny made our mouths water with her cake project, and Abbey embraced Thanksgiving feasting.

Scott gave us a list of movies similar to James Bond films in anticipation of the new 007 flick, and Tara suggested some dysfunctional holiday movies to get us through our own family dramas.

KwanRoss wondered if size matters when it comes to books, and Kayla recommended the Lunar Chronicles. Leigh Anne reviewed a few urban thrillers, and Melissa F. examined the nuances of Emma Donohoghue’s Room. Scott P. suggested some titles to read and reflect on violence in our society, and Amy looked at an old-time gangster.

adele-25album-1-nme-221015.article_x4Kayla reviewed Adele’s comeback album, and Joelle explored variations on some of Paganini’s hardest pieces.

We covered plenty of Library program and event goodness, too, like Suzy’s write up of the Pop des Fleurs program, Jess B.’s examination of the special Daniel Tiger events we’re hosting and Library patron Dana B.’s reflection on Margaret Atwood‘s visit to Pittsburgh.

-Team Eleventh Stack

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