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August 2015 Recap

Where does the time go? Once again we’ve reached the day of the month when we remind you of all the bookish/musical/cinematic essays you might have missed in the blogosphere. Here’s what you might have missed at Eleventh Stack in August of 2015:

Melissa M. published the third installment of her series about discovering graphic novels, proving that if you’re not that into comics, it could be because you haven’t yet found ones that speak to you in particular. Why not try some of her suggestions?

Ross introduced us to the adorable bromance at the center of Land Ho! and contemplated redundancy in film plots. Elsewhere in cinema Kayla wondered if the upcoming Scorch Trials movie will be as good as the book, opening the door to another round of “the book is always better” debates.

Kelly recommended some short story collections that dance with absurdity. Art imitating life? Maybe if your life has mystical creatures in it…

Natalie shared some of her family’s favorite back-to-school books for children, and tried a new fantasy series with mixed results. She’s also pretty excited about the upcoming film version of A Walk in the Woods. Her fellow writers are both impressed and wondering how she managed to pull off three posts right at the end of Summer Reading!

“August Abstract #1,” by Rhonda W. Howard. All rights reserved to artist – click through for her webpage.

Melissa F. revealed herself as an essay fangirlLeigh Anne, for her part, finally found a summer fiction read that lived up to her standards. Not to be outdone in the highfalutin educational department Amy E. taught us all a new word and Bonnie T. schooled us in same-sex weddings 101.

Scott P took the time to wish Antonio Banderas a very happy birthday, then turned his writerly spotlight on the many wonderful resources of the Downtown and Business Library. What can we say? The man’s got range.

In matters timeless and timely, Suzy took a ride on the nostalgia train all the way back to 1995, while Jess took an in-depth look at Jhumpa Lahiri’s career thus far. There’s never a bad time to discover–or re-discover–any of the texts they name-dropped. Especially Weezer’s “Buddy Holly.”

Shifting gears to DIY, Joelle gleaned some creative inspiration from the Library’s crafting collection and Ginny presented some useful Library books for home canning and preserving. She also had a much more positive experience with fantasy than Natalie did this month. Coincidentally, Whitney Z. also had some close encounters of the preserving kind, mostly pickle-related.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, so stay tuned for the September adventures of Team Eleventh Stack. Who knows? They just might inspire some adventures of your own!

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