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Happy Birthday, Antonio Banderas!

The great Antonio Banderas turns 55 today! Wow! Hard to believe this one-time heartthrob qualified for AARP benefits five years ago, but it’s true. Since we’re fond of lists around these parts, I’ll go ahead and list my favorite Banderas projects in a few loose categories:

Action Movies

Antonio has certainly done his fair share of small and big budget action thrillers, but for my money, these are his best:

Desperado – Modern, south-of-the-border shoot-em up featuring the luminous Selma Hayek.

The 13th Warrior – Anachronistic but entertaining adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel Eaters Of The Dead.

Assassins – Antonio and Sly Stallone blowin’ stuff up? Sign me up for some of that.


Romantic Turns

Romance, you say? Antonio was seemingly born to play romantic roles! But I can really only mention one in particular that I have seen:

EvitaAntonio and Madonna sing and dance their way through this 1990s update of a musical classic!


Voice Work

Mr. Banderas has done a surprising amount of voice work for animation. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Shrek 2 – Antonio steals the show as Puss-n-Boots in this hilarious sequel to the original.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water – Mr. Banderas plays the bad guy in this one, and he delights in hamming it up while doing so!

With such a storied career, Mr. Banderas is almost certain to have starred in something you’ve loved too! Join me in wishing him many more great years of movie magic!

–Scott P.


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