Red Velvet, Panties, and Prisoners: Highlights from Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS if you haven’t already watched Season 3.

Promotional Photo for Season 3 Courtesy of

Promotional Photo for Season 3 Courtesy of

The ladies of Litchfield are back! Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black became available to stream this past Friday. (Yes I spent my weekend streaming all of the episodes.) Anyway, season 3 started off with a lot. We learned the backstories of Bennett, Pensatucky, and Nicky. Piper and Alex are fighting because Piper revealed that she is the reason why Alex is back at Litchfield. Daya is considering whether to let Mendez (Pornstache’s) mother to adopt her baby. Plus Caputo learns that Litchfield is being closed. All of this occurs before episode 3!

That’s one thing that I love about Orange Is The New Black in that viewers can be exposed to 5 or 6 mini stories in one episode. It’s not just focused on the main character, Piper, who annoys me so much and is my least favorite. She’s so whiny and she’s always spouting these random facts at people and it’s so annoying. She talks to everyone else like she’s so much smarter than them.

Anyway, I also love how viewers learn about how the inmates got to where they are now. It’s an interesting facet of the show and humanizes the characters. Although the show brings a lot comedy, there are also some serious moments. One was when Taystee had an emotional breakthrough after helping Suzanne (Crazy Eyes) come to terms with Vee’s death and, in turn, came to terms with it herself.

There are a lot of new friendships that emerge this season. One that bothers me is Red and Mr. Healy. You can tell that there are some feelings that arise between them as the season goes on and it’s weird to me. I think that it’s weird to me because I just don’t like Mr. Healy.

This season is the most that we’ve seen and heard from the correctional officers besides Bennett and Pornstache. I thought it was interesting to hear more from them. The main reason why is that Litchfield is closing. (GASP!) Don’t fret. It doesn’t close. New people take over and everyone thinks that happy days are here again right? Wrong. The new management is not all that they’re cracked up to be and it causes major tension between Caputo and the correctional officers.

As always, new inmates arrive. One memorable character in particular is Stella, played by Ruby Rose (She’s gorgeous btw.). Stella catches Piper’s eye and it causes some serious tension between Piper and Alex. Stella also is a major partner in Piper’s new business venture that involves panties. You’ll have to see it to believe it. There is also a new psychiatrist who arrives, named Birdie Rogers, and the inmates take a liking to her, which upsets Mr. Healy.

The season finale left me with a lot of questions. I enjoyed the last 10 minutes of the season finale because we got to see the inmates in a happy and freeing light. If you aren’t yet caught up, you can check out seasons one & two which are available in our catalog.

Random funny fact: One of the writers seems to have an issue with red velvet. Once you watch episode 6 of season 3, you’ll understand. Happy watching!



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4 responses to “Red Velvet, Panties, and Prisoners: Highlights from Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black

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    What a brilliant show.

  2. I absolutely love Orange!! I think it’s genius and so different to anything else that has been serialised on TV. Next, I need to read Piper Kerman’s book on her real experience in Litchfield!

  3. I binged. I don’t even feel badly about not going outside for most of the weekend. haha!

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