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Life, Death, And Drones

I’ve got a keen interest in all things EMS. A while back I came across this article from Britain’s Daily Mail citing the proposed use of AED drones to save the lives of patients experiencing cardiac emergencies. Amazing! The next few years will likely see the proliferation of drone technology in all walks of modern society. Right now we best know the drone for its darker role–unmanned weapon of choice in our long running conflict against asymmetrical actors at home and abroad.  War is terrible no matter what weapons you use to wage it. Right now drones act at the spear-point in this struggle, but they can and will be much more than just weapons.

They will become part of the framework of our society. Need proof? Amazon’s on the case. Also check this news story out. Want more proof? At some point soon, we’ll even have a Drones For Dummies book on our shelves. You can check that out with your copy of Crocheting For Dummies.

If you’re interested in bringing yourself up to speed on drones and drone warfare, CLP provides a lot of great material! Here’s a short list:


A Theory Of The Drone by Grégoire Chamayou  (2015)

Kill Chain : The Rise Of The High-Tech Assassins by Andrew Cockburn (2015)

Hunter Killer : Inside America’s Unmanned Air War by T. Mark McCurley (2014)

Unmanned : Drone Warfare And Global Security by Ann Rogers (2014)

Predator : The Secret Origins Of The Drone Revolution by Richard Whittle (2014)


Sting Of The Drone  by Richard A. Clarke  (2014)

Blue Warrior by Mike Maden (2014)

Drones most often conjure images of war and death; five years from now, who knows?

–Scott P.

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