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Labels, Love … Whatever

This week the Eleventh Stack blog is celebrating Pittsburgh’s Pride Week with a series of posts about the Library’s LGBTQ/QUILTBAG resources. Although any time of year is a good time to read LGBTQ literature and history, this week is very special to many of our readers and patrons. We hope you enjoy our efforts.


Sometimes, when one is an avid reader, life coincides with the written word. Such has been the case this past week, when my book of choice reflected a few local events playing out here in Pittsburgh as well as those on the national scene.

I’ve fallen in deep love with Maria Bello’s just-published memoir, Whatever … Love Is Love: Questioning the Labels We Give Ourselves

Whatever-...Love-Is-LoveWith a refreshing writing style that is personal, approachable and oftentimes funny, Ms. Bello shares quite a bit about her relationships with significant people in her life. While most names she shares are those who have been strong influences in her life, this is not your typical celebrity name-dropping, reality-television-esqe tome. That’s not Ms. Bello’s agenda here. Instead, she offers a chance for reflection about how one’s life experiences define the labels we place on people, especially ourselves.

To peel back the typical labels, Ms. Bello goes beyond the bedroom to explore the deeper questions of self: Am I a feminist? A humanitarian? A good enough mother? A writer?

The answers are yes, yes, yes and hell to the yes.

~ Melissa F.


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