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Great Movie Chases

A couple of weeks back the blog writers had a phenomenal email exchange regarding suggested movie titles for a post.  We batted around titles of action movies with “smart” plots. The first movie that came to my mind was John Frankenheimer’s brilliant 1998 thriller, Ronin. What do you get when you combine the director of The French Connection II and Robert De Niro? Movie magic. With De Niro still at the height of his powers, Ronin explores the dark underside of European terrorism and the deeds of a CIA agent gone rogue. It also features an amazing car chase. It easily matches Gene Hackman’s epic chase scene in The French Connection.

Of course, thinking of suspenseful and thrilling chases also brings to mind the incredible foot chase from the opening minutes of Casino Royale, where a distinctly chiseled Daniel Craig as James Bond pursues a bomb maker through, over, and around a construction site. It features breathtaking parkour stunts and action.

Thelma & Louise will resonate with many readers. It does with me. The extreme pursuit scene that serves as the movie’s climax ranks as one of the great exits in movie history.

If you’re anything like the Eleventh Stack blog team, you’ll have your own opinions on your top movie chase scenes–we’d love to hear about them!

–Scott P.



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