Work Left To Do: Deep Water Horizon Disaster Turns Five

Yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill. Yeah, that’s an official Library of Congress subject heading. When LC grants your mess its own subject heading, you know you will live in infamy.  BP has spent a lot of money cleaning this mess up, and cleaning up their tarred image. That link also features some pretty funny parody ads as well.

No one can deny a lot of work remains to be done to make things right in the Gulf. Here are a few items on the disaster to bring you up to speed:

Crude Justice: How I Fought Big Oil And Won…

The Big Fix

Fire On The Horizon: The Untold Story Of The Gulf Oil Disaster

–Scott P.





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2 responses to “Work Left To Do: Deep Water Horizon Disaster Turns Five

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  2. I read the book Fire on the Horizon when it came out, It gave a good overview of the whole event, lots of good stuff from the people who work offshore contributed.
    I hope things have changed out here and we’ll never have another incident like that.

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