Spring Training

You didn’t think I meant baseball, did you? We’ll leave that for another post. I am talking about physical training, and the idea that you don’t need fancy gyms or high-tech equipment to get a great workout. In my case my workouts have matured to the point where any aspect of my environment can serve as the center of a workout. I run hills. I leap high objects. I drag odd items.

Now that the weather has broken, this sort of stuff should be a lot easier to do.

Here’s a few titles that address the sort of training I do and the activities that I try to ready myself for.

The Amazing Water Bottle Workout by Jason Greespan

Cardio 4 x 4 by Jay Cardiello.

Conditioning For Outdoor Fitness by David Musnick.

The Outdoor Athlete by Courtenay Schurman.

Your Body Is Your Barbell by B. J. Gadour.

Keep in mind as you look at these books that personal fortitude remains the key ingredient you need to bring to any program of exercise. If you possess the will, you can train in a 4′ x 4′ box and get something out of it. Fortunately we have the whole wide world to use as our gym, so get out and enjoy the warmer weather, and get fit while you’re at it!

–Scott P.




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3 responses to “Spring Training

  1. I am sixty nine and just got a job as a bell boy at a resort. How do I build up upper arm strength. I need to take it slow.

    • Sorry for the tardy reply! You can do this with simple movements like push-ups and curls. Do full or knee push-ups in sets of 3, 4, 5, or whatever you can manage. Do them every other day.

      On days you’re not doing your push-ups, do curls with household objects like canned goods, water jugs, etc. Again, do many sets with lower repetitions until you build some strength and endurance, and gradually increase this activity level.

      Doing these two exercises on a regular basis will give you stronger arms.

      If you can graduate up to some kind of pull-up–hanging from a sturdy door, a playground jungle jim, etc., all the better. The pull-up is one of the greatest body-building/strengthening exercises you can ever do. Just be careful, they’re demanding.

      Get into them gradually.

      Hope this helps!


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