Take a Book on a Blind Date

We’re librarians. We like nothing more than introducing you to your next crush. Book crush that is. This Valentine’s Day we on the First Floor at the Main Library are poised to introduce you to your next blind date.


Each book is putting its best face forward with attractive decorations and an enticing description. The barcode that is needed to check the book out is on the outside of the covering, so you can wait until you get your date to the privacy of your own home to unwrap it.

Maybe it’ll be true love and maybe the book will be over before it even begins. But you’ll never know until you try. C’mon, be adventurous. Let us pick out your perfect match. You can trust us!

-Melissa M.

P.S. See something you like?  Visit the Main Library to check it out. If you do take out one of our books, please tell us how the date went in the comments below!


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12 responses to “Take a Book on a Blind Date

  1. I really love the idea of taking a book to a blind valentine.But the only problem is i dont have a valentine this year.

  2. vitamanman8

    I love this plan. A book will 100% be my Valentine this year :)

  3. Elaine

    What a wonderful idea! Wish I lived in Pittsburgh so I could join in. I may need to ask my local librarians to match me with a “date” instead!

  4. What a wonderful idea! So exciting and amazing! :)

  5. Pl

    Best Valentine’s Day Pick Up Line (Bookstore): “Hi. May I buy you a book?”

  6. girl_dreaming

    I saw this in a local bookstore in Asheville, NC. Fabulous. Happy Valentine’s!

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