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“It Is The Old Wound My King…”

Lancelot’s death scene ranks as my favorite moment in John Boorman’s amazing Excalibur. As he falls on the battlefield and Arthur goes to him, he utters the following: “It is the old wound my king. It has never healed.” The “old wound” he refers to is one he inflicted on himself after Arthur discovered his indiscretion with Guinevere. It’s a great clip and you can watch it here. The titular line occurs at around 1:37 or so. The moments after Lancelot’s death are pretty gory, so take care.

Some hurts don’t heal. At least not fast enough for our taste. I went hiking October 31st and fell four feet into a gully. A mild accident by my standards, but as I fell I braced my landing with my right arm at full extension. All 180 lbs. landed on that arm and sent a shock up into my right shoulder. It hasn’t been the same since. Of course I have made the decision to train through the injury, trying to work around it, but the healing has been slow. I have sought various resources in my quest for healing, so I thought I’d share some of them here.

I needed to first figure out what was wrong “in there”, so I looked for a source that might tell me. I found this one:

Everyday Sports Injuries from DK Publishing is a PDF title available through our eCLP resources tag. If you prefer the hard copy, find it here. It helped me realize I most likely have a soft tissue shoulder injury. Tendon inflammation (bursitis) caused by the shock of the fall.

I have also begun working regular yoga sessions into my weekly routines. Doing yoga increases flexibility and in my case, has helped to ease the throbbing pain of my shoulder injury. Because I like a bit of preparation before undertaking any new physical regimen, I checked out this book before starting yoga:

Anatomy, Stretching & Training for Yoga by Amy Auman is another title available through eCLP. Not really a title for reading cover to cover, I skimmed this resource and scouted out the sections on arms, shoulders, and the lower back–all potential problem areas for me.

While I did not start my search looking for eCLP resources, it kind of ended up shaking out that way! The final title I have to recommend comes from Rodney Yee, my new favorite yoga guru. Dude is seriously y-jacked, a term I have coined for people who are jacked as a result of doing a ton of yoga. Here it is:

Ultimate Power Yoga by Rodney Yee. This is not really a beginner’s yoga video, but it’s something I want to aspire to doing once I spend a little more time practicing with a more basic Yee title I’ve been using the last few weeks. Find the DVD version here.

I have not sought stronger medical remedies for the injury. I like to avoid drugs and cortisone shots. I found a book that agrees with me:

Whole Health: A Holistic Approach To Healing For The 21st Century by Mark Dana Mincolla. This book supports non-traditional, non-drug solutions to injuries.

These resources coupled with a bit of patience have allowed me to train through this lingering injury. As we get older, we realize pain will likely be a constant workout partner. Dealing with it sensibly will keep us on track, and allow us to live with those old wounds that never quite heal.

–Scott P.


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