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Instrumental Choice

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My daughter is in 4th grade, and was able to choose a band instrument to learn in school. I play the drums and her father plays the sax. We were each talking up our instruments, while teaching her the differences between the sounds and the mechanics of playing the different instruments of which she could choose*.

I have always wondered why a person selects a specific instrument. Why pick a trumpet over a harp? Why does a cello call to some, while the accordion calls to another? Why play an organ instead of a piano or even a marimba? Why pick a high, middle or low pitched instrument? Is it an extension of your personality or self-image?

Is it a function of trying to emulate someone you admire? “I like my cousin, and he plays the trombone.”

Is it a function of what is needed for the school band? “We have too many drummers, we need a clarinet player.”

Maybe you are a front person. You might choose the guitar.

Maybe you are more laid back. Then you might choose the bass guitar.

Can it be the type of music you are exposed to? “My mom plays bluegrass CDs; I want to play the banjo.”

What instrument is at hand? “Here are my uncle’s old harmonicas.”

Perhaps you are just gifted with a golden voice?

And indirectly related to this topic; are drummers really superior in intellect?

I play the drums, but I could never figure out why. It’s almost as if the drums chose me. When I am lugging around the cases, setting them up, and breaking them down for every show, I lament the fact that the flute didn’t choose me. But while I am playing, all that falls away and I’m in the groove.

Why did you pick the instrument that you play or want to play?


*She chose percussion ;)


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