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A Purr-Fect Howl-oween For Reading

It’s no trick: our treat for you this Halloween is a post that showcases pictures of our best fuzzy friends. No calories or carbs: just plenty of library worker pet photos and their accompanying tails…er, tales.

Suzy / Ace / Otis


Ace is the brains. Otis is the brawn.


Ace is like Santa Claus.


Move along, human.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You, Matthew Inman

Despite my best efforts at convincing them it’s not a “How-To-Not-Get-Caught” manual, neither cat pays me any attention. Both Ace (I say he’s white and orange, he insists he’s cream and mango) and Otis (I say he’s fat, he says he’s husky) have lured me into their deadly traps more than once. Oh, Otis loves having his belly rubbed? Well, why didn’t someone tell me? Until he doesn’t and I’m stuck in the famous bear trap of claws and teeth. You can also see from the above pictures that Ace is an expert at the judgemental stare. Thanks to Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman, I have to live with the knowledge that when Otis kneads me before he plops down for the night he is actually checking my internal organs for weakness. And every time I yell at Ace to get off the counter, I have to be reminded that Hitler hated cats and Abe Lincoln loved them and so what kind of person am I? When they aren’t plotting to kill me, Otis enjoys People magazine and Ace reads extensively about the French Revolution. Libérez les chatons!



Joelle / Leo Mushnik / Leyla

See how sweet and innocent we are? Heh!

This is little Mr. Leo Mushnik and his sister Leyla. They are very young, so I read to them while they dance and drink from my water glass.


Jess / Sprocket


“I’m missing This American Life to take this photo…”

Meet my buddy Sprocket, the cutest little Boston terrier in the land. I get to visit him at my friend’s monthly potluck dinners. When not burrowed under all of the blankets, he enjoys reading about American history, like Sarah Vowell’s The Party Cloudy Patriot.


Briana / Mali

Mali’s pick: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of…” an owner who doesn’t spray her with the squirt bottle every time she jumps on the kitchen counter. MEOW. Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, “a wife.”


Mali has good taste in classics!

So begins Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s timeless critique of courtship and the marriage plot. Witty satire and splendid characters abound in this nineteenth century comedy of manners. I enjoyed purr-using the pages of this Austen classic while curled up on my owner’s freshly laundered (read: cat-hair free… but not for long) sheets.

Though written over 200 years ago, Pride and Prejudice is every bit relatable today as it was in 1813. Featured in the novel is an over-bearing mother who can’t rest until all of her daughters are married to handsome rich men. Sound familiar? No? Maybe that’s just me then. And then there’s the hilariously awkward Mr. Collins who proposes marriage to his cousin Eliza Bennet. Okay. Maybe that part isn’t so relatable (or at least we hope it isn’t). At any rate, if Pride and Prejudice is the cat-tastic classic you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t found the time, make it your next weekend read! Meow.


Ginny / Astro



Astro implores you to read Hyperbole and a Halfby Allie Brosh. A hilarious and insightful book based on a webcomic/blog of the same name, Hyperbole and a Half explores childhood, depression, and the absolute absurdity of living with dogs. Astro especially enjoyed “The God of Cake,” a story he connected with on a fundamental level because it involves misbehavior and delicious food.


Tara / Frank

Frank is in the mood for spooky stories.

Frank is in the mood for spooky stories.


Frank is getting into the Halloween spirit by reading some morbid short stories. And really dear readers, outside of Edgar Allen Poe, is there any better author than Shirley Jackson to read around this most ominous of holidays?

“I can’t help it when people are frightened,” says Merricat. “I always want to frighten them more.”Shirley Jackson, We Have Always Lived in the Castle


Melissa M. / Trixie


The songs of my people!

Melissa M.’s cat, Trixie, only reads poetry that really speaks to her. To see other pet-reading pics from the First Floor — New and Featured staff, check out this photo album on their Facebook page.


Sue Banks / Honey Banks Earl


The incredibly photogenic Honey Banks Earl is very much a Renaissance dog.

The incredibly photogenic Honey Banks Earl is very much a Renaissance dog.

I like books about squirrels.  This one is especially helpful:  Outwitting Squirrels by Bill Adler, Jr., and I’m happy that we have three editions in the catalog, including the 2014 update!  I’ve been chasing those things for 13 years and I’ll tell you, squirrels have changed a lot since the first edition was printed in 1988.

I also enjoy spending quality time with the couch while listening to music, like Through a Dog’s Ear by Lisa Spector.  I appreciate its subtitle – “music to calm your canine companion,”  but would remind my Friendbeasts that the person on the porch is clearly here under nefarious purposes.

Although I don’t have my own library card and can’t work the iPad (yet), I do enjoy streaming video from Hoopla  like this: The Dog Who Saved Halloween.  And I don’t care that the hacks on IMDB gave it 4.4 stars – I think it’s a classic.


Tim / Noodle


Must increase brainpower!

Noodle likes to increase the size of his already gigantic head by reading.  Here he is curled up with Christopher Miller’s American Cornball: A Laffopedic Guide to the Formerly Funny.



Jeepers creepers, it's Cosmo!

Jeepers creepers, it’s Cosmo!

This is Cosmic Creepers, a/k/a Cosmo to his friends. He lives with Kerry Hanahan of LBPH.


Melissa F. / Mrs. Douglas

Mrs. Douglas with CLP books

“I am Reader … hear me roar!” Or, you know, purr.

With a name like Mrs. Douglas (and those possessed-looking eyes, thanks to her owner’s cell phone camera), Bad Feminist is an apropos book selection for Melissa F.’s cat.  Among this essay collection, Mrs. Douglas especially recommends “To Scratch, Claw or Grope Clumsily or Frantically.”   An eclectic reader who certainly isn’t as picky with her reading material as she is her food, Mrs. Douglas, age 5, has a bit of a wild streak; she tends to race around the house maniacally and her glowing eyes are always bigger than her rather sensitive stomach. Given the number of CLP books Mrs. Douglas (and her owners) are currently indulging in, she’s in danger of exceeding the maximum number of items allowed on a CLP account.

(For those interested in the etymology of such things, Mrs. Douglas got her name from the fine folks at the Delaware Humane Association who originally thought she was a he … and named her Douglas.  When that proved to be incorrect, they solved that problem by officially adding the Mrs.  Now happily living in Pittsburgh, this bad feminist tends to answer to whatever pleases her – which is, more often than not, simply Douglas.)

Eric / Captain Fang

Cue The Ramones...

Cue The Ramones…


This is Captain Fang, posing with a book he feels is appropriate. He lives with Eric Meisberger of LBPH.


There you have it: our pets, paws-itively smitten with books, reading, and all the other great services the Library has to offer. What about your furry friends?  We’d love to see some candid photos in the comments section.

Happy Howl-oween!

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