Farewell, My Dear Friend

This past month has been very difficult. My husband and I lost our sweet old baby girl cat, Holly Golightly, on July 28. She was very old and I wrote about her for this blog just last year. She went very quickly (as the vet had once predicted) and naturally but still, you’re never really ever ready to say goodbye. You want just one more cuddle, one more purr.

Seventeen years of an established and familiar routine, daily care, and infinite love are gone forever. While we are very sad, we are also grateful that she was not ill so we did not have the angst of having to make a painful decision; in her own tough and sassy way, Holly Golightly made it for us.

Above all else, I learned that we are not alone in our sorrow and have found great solace with fellow pet lovers. The library is helping us out–as always–with this wonderful little book we have found to be invaluable for comfort and peace to any pet owner.


Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet

by Gary Kowalski

Though penned by a Unitarian clergyman, this beautifully written book does not have an overtly religious tone. What it does offer is comfort and calm in a reassuring and understanding voice that I desperately needed to hear upon the passing of my beloved animal companion. He encourages ways to remember and memorialize your pet, acknowledgment of the cycles of life, and the very real pain we feel when a pet, a member of our family, dies.

Be sure to also check out next week’s display in the Reference Room on the second floor of Main Library for more resources on this topic.

~Maria A., still grieving but slowly healing


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7 responses to “Farewell, My Dear Friend

  1. My condolences ….hope you guys find the strength needed to handle this

  2. lectorconstans

    Cats and dogs must surely think we’re immortal – we’re here when they come into the world, and we’re here when they leave it. It’s always painful when a cat or a dog dies. It leaves an empty space in the home – and in the heart.

  3. Beth L

    Shared your blog with a friend who had to make the ‘decision’…her other dog is now mourning around the house so everyone in pain. Very tough.

  4. melissamilazzo

    Thanks for this blog and recommendation. It’s good to know that there are good books to help with the loss of a pet. They bring so much to our lives that it’s hard to accept it when they pass. My condolences for your loss.

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